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RedBull Logo Sticker

Decal/stickers measuring width: 100mm x Height: 62mm, printed on high-quality vinyl.

With its UV and weatherproof features, the sticker is great to stick to almost any non porous material. Printed using  only high quality materials using state of the art machine with high quality inks.

We make custom decals/stickers/labels from scratch and can resize them without compromising print quality.

We also do custom illustration and printing.

We proudly design and print our products here in Melbourne, Australia.

    • W 100mm x H 62mm
    • UV & Weatherproof/Waterproof

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Red bull is one of the most famous beverage brands in the world. The success of the brand with the red bull logo has indeed made the Red Bull franchise increasingly global. One of the interesting things about red bull is its marketing strategy which was quite unusual in its era.

Marketing carried out by Red Bull is very unique, namely by employing students who are formed in a team. They are armed with cars designed for the sale of Red Bull.

The team is the agent that brings Red Bull into the parties of students and school children. This places Red Bull as an elite drink and is in an elite place.

Apart from promoting by using students as marketing agents, Red Bull has also begun to explore other worlds. Red Bull is successfully promoted through extreme sports, all kinds of car racing, aerobics, airplanes, popular bars and more.

Not once or twice has Red Bull been hit by unpleasant issues throughout his career. Some doctors even openly say that excessive consumption of red bull makes a user have the same character as someone with heart disease.

Germany once banned Red Bull Cola from circulating in the market, because it was considered to contain cocaine. Red Bull also denied, they stated that they only use decocaineated coca leaves and these leaves are allowed in the food industry.

Mixing Red Bull with alcohol can cause fatalities ranging from being awake in your sleep and drunkenness to death. Because there was once a case of a college student who drank Red Bull mixed with alcohol and eventually he died of a rare heart attack.

Red bull never tried to make a type of cola drink franchise or soft drink named red bull cola. They even give a strong and natural impression in a coke that is predicted to contain 100@% natural cola.

Red Bull cans are fully recyclable and the process requires 95% less energy compared to creating new cans. Manufacturing and filling of cans is done in one place, saving 80% of renewable resources during operation.

The red bull logo does have a worldwide characteristic that cannot be separated from the development of this one energy drink. The more famous the red bull brand is, the more people will immediately notice the two bull logos from this one brand.

It turns out that you can also buy this logo to make it an epic unique sticker. One place that provides custom printing signs, labels and stickers is https://safetysignandlabel.com.au/ where you can immediately customize various types of labels or stickers as you wish.

Red bull is an energy drink product originally from Austria. The main production of this one energy drink is also produced in the same country. The red bull itself says that they only produce red bull in the mountains of Switzerland and Austria.

Because both are considered close to natural springs, clean and of good quality. Red bull also often holds funny contests every year. Starting from music, bike, surfing or various other interesting sporting events.

The red bull sticker that you can customize directly can be obtained easily via the link previously provided. There, you can request a custom logo design, sticker, or label according to what you want.

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